Welcome to the Land of Writer's Imagination, an ongoing shared story. This week we've been discussing dragons. 
"Dragons?" You say.
"Well, yes. The fantasy scene we are working on definitely needs a dragon. The one Lucy came up with was, well...read for yourself."

Susan grinned at Lucy. “Dragons. Well, there’s lots of different kinds of dragons. Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, European, to name a few. Let’s just stick with the European, they breath fire and have wings. What colour do you want?”

“Really, there’s different colours? Can we do lavender?”

Susan raised an eyebrow. “I don’t think that sounds very scary. How about a deep purple with a bronze belly and crimson wings?”

Lucy smiled. “How about a deep purple, bronze belly and bright green wings?”

Susan rolled her eyes. “You and the purple-green combination. Okay. Choose that but better make it a big one.”

“There’s different sizes? How complicated is this going to get?”

“You’re the one who wanted to make a movie instead of writing a book. If you’d just stuck with the script you might have got away with a bit of telling but no….you had to make a movie. So, you’ve got to show everything. Size, colour, eye colour, does it have ears? Long tail, medium tail or short…no, never mind that one. Long tail,” Susan raised a hand. “No argument. Long tail but how about emerald eyes and ears with tuffs?”

Lucy scuffed her foot on the floor and sighed. “Right-o. Long tail, emerald eyes, tuffed ears. Anything else? Can it have a tuft on its' tail? Ooo, and lavender nails?”

So, you can see the problem, can't you? I mean, tuffed ears and tail? Lavender nails? I'm afraid the poor thing will hide with embarrassement. What kind of dragon would you create?



Kate Freeman
09/15/2012 9:40pm

When I was a Jr Hi Sponsor, we took the kids to camp for one week in the summer. On a whim, I brought my paints, and painted faces on afternoon. One lad asked for, you guessed it, a dragon. Hadn't ever thought about how I'd paint one before. Mine had crimson wings with green veins and brilliant red eyes, long fangs, a scaly body covered with all sorts of gem colors. The claws were a golden yellow and were curved viciously. His tail figured prominently in blues and spikes. The boy didn't wash his face for the rest of the week and for a few days after arriving home. Somewhere I've got a picture of my first painted dragon.

09/15/2012 10:12pm

Sounds amazing. I think maybe Lucy's would like spikes instead of tufts on the tail and I know it will really like the idea of gem colors for scales. Purples and blues of various shades. Looks like we're on our way to a really outstanding creation. Thanks for joining in the fun.


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